Storage Services

Designing and Managing On-Demand Storage for Public/Private Cloud. Realize the ability to reduce cost by more than 20% annually.

Jasper Solutions provides performance and scalability your organization. Today's Agencies need to deliver storage services on-demand for critical IT and cloud applications. Virtualization technologies allow the separation of logical views from physical assets and allow the customer leverage less expensive commodity hardware solutions on-demand. This approach increases performance, reliability, charge-back, and storage availability, which are fully aligned with your application requirements. It also allows organizations to monitor peak and off peak application performance cycles based on true charge-back results. This means you can easily and flexibility align storage infrastructure with business requirements.

Jasper provides the cloud storage broker to enable hybrid storage solutionsregardlessof who the public cloud provider is with highest security posture.

Charge-back capabilities based on business function allows applications to leverage physical disks based on peak and off peak performance of various applications.

Integrates heterogeneous systems on a single platform to manage, maintain and monitore.

Consolidation and rationalization of storage and storage management tools creates new cost saving opportunities based on enhanced provisioning, business continuity software and advanced management tools for external storage.

Key Difference

Jasperís Virtualized External Storage services can consolidate disparate storage solutions into a single managed set of tiered storage pools. With Jasper, you will afford thin client provisioning, advanced replication, logical partitioning and advanced virtual server support in a unified solution that can leverage Public/Private or Hybrid Cloud.