Jasper's Agile Delivery Framework

Agile Methodology

Agile development is a group of software development methods in which requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between your organization/agency and external resources.

Traditional software development methods cannot provide rapid response to ongoing change experienced by organizations in today’s environment. Agile methodology enables small collaborative teams to rapidly implement and deliver value.

Jasper Agile approach is based upon identifying, emphasizing, and executing the right tools and people that collaborate with our customers into work teams, to ensure a development process that produce quality software applications.

Continuous Delivery & Deployment

Continuous delivery, which involves rapid updates to software to keep up with changing business demands, presents opportunities in agility and automation, proponents say, but implementing continuous delivery and its critical process changes can be tricky.

Continuous delivery covers processes spanning from development to production, including code testing, release automation, automating infrastructure, and managing code once it is in production. That whole process has to be automated, consistent, and drive high quality.

Our 5-step process for continuous delivery:

  1. Version everything
  2. Use branches
  3. Write enough tests
  4. Create and use packages
  5. Automate everything

We ensure that all delivery platforms are set up builds that trigger the automated deployment.

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Predictive Monitoring & Analysis

Monitor and Analysis at each step of the development cycle and ensure constant tracking of defects and outcomes.

Predictive monitoring and analysis is key to successful Agile and Continuous Delivery & Deployment. Identifying gaps while implementing new or existing code, constantly monitoring changes and ability to provide analysis based on deployment cycles is critical for any organization. With today’s complex application design and agile processes; predictive monitoring and analysis is key to any Agile Delivery.

We offer Open Source and COTS products that are compliant to meet any organization needs.

Migration to the Cloud

Regardless of what your current state of IT Infrastructure and Services is, our team will provide the transformation to Cloud while ensuring we reduce overall IT cost.

As a data center implementor/consolidator, Jasper is adept at moving, modernizing, and operating highly secure data center environments for U.S. Intelligence, Military, and Healthcare communities, where lives depend on data centers’ reliability and availability. We drive increasing levels of cost savings as facilities become fully virtualized and offer opportunities to leverage innovative capacity services and Everything-as-a-Service (EaaS) procurement models to minimize upfront capital. As a cloud broker/integrator, Jasper is trusted to help our clients navigate the range of cloud, EaaS, capacity services, and virtualization options available in commercial and Government marketplaces. We enable the benefits of the private cloud to be implemented through private cloud or Jasper CloudCenter solutions behind our customers’ firewall for enhanced security/control. We focus on identifying, qualifying, and partnering with leading Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, and Oracle Cloud.

Jasper’s Government-focused, cloud-agnostic approach allows our customers to adapt rapidly to the changing environment and adopt the optimal cloud strategy for them—whether it is based on a public, private, hybrid, or enterprise implementation model.