Private Cloud

Private cloud delivers similar advantages to public cloud, including scalability and self-service, but through a proprietary architecture. Unlike public clouds, which deliver services to multiple organizations, a private cloud is dedicated to a single organization.

Cloud decisions can be complex when it comes to certain types of data and apps. Jasper knows that some customers wish to maintain tight controls on data and apps as provided on a private, single tenet private cloud instance.

Our team has successfully designed and developed private clouds for large Government Agencies and Fortune 50 companies. Our methodologyeliminateenterprise silos/stove pipes while providing all requiredmanaged services by identifying and provisioninginfrastructure, platform, application, storage, backup, disaster recovery, archive, database, network management, network monitoring, business continuity, and security. IaaS, PaaS, AaaS, SaaS, IaaS, DRaaS, STaaS, ARaaS, BAaaS, NTaaS